Yesterday, we left off at the incredible near-death experience while I was in the hospital. What was so difficult to grasp was whether or not my visitation really happened or had it been a dream? For months after the event, I grappled with the event knowing in my heart that I had indeed received a great visit and message.

Six months after this event, my husband and I were at a gathering when I noticed the front door opening and saw an elderly man enter who was aided by a walker. I could tell he was very frail and was moving slowly.

The moment I saw this man, I knew that I had to go and tell him my story of when I was in the hospital. The feeling was so strong and undeniable even though I argued with myself that I had told no one of this story and, I had never met this man. There was no doubt that I HAD to tell him the story. 

He finally sat down and I went and sat next to him and told him that although strange, I had a story to share with him. As I began my story, he stopped me mid-sentence and said, “I need my wife to come and hear this.”

As she sat down and I began to share the story, both began crying. He gently grabbed my arm and said, “I am the former Chief of Surgery at our local hospital (the same one where I had my near-death experience) and I have heard these stories during the entirety of my career. I have always scoffed them off until I had the same experience you did just a few months ago. I thought I was going crazy. You just confirmed that what I experienced truly happened.

Now at this point, I too am weeping and letting him know that he too just confirmed that my experience was real! Here was this intellectual surgeon who had lived his life not believing in God and now God was providing him with a very real encounter of Him. And also, in what many would call a “chance” encounter, here both of us were receiving a beautiful confirmation of our spiritual experiences.

I never saw this man again after this but I know he left this world knowing God loved him and sent him a special message. From that day forward, I knew it was important that I share my near-death experience in order to provide others with the confirmation that God is real and He never wastes any experiences with Him. This beautiful gift I had just received let me know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I did have a divine visit and message!

My final story of yet another “God-chance” encounter occurred a few years ago and once again is another beautiful story of love, hope, and restoration. This final story will complete my five God-story Christmas blessings series. Merry Christmas!

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