Beloved Not Broken

Divorce. Abandonment. Abuse.

These are just some of the many traumatic issues modern women face. Often, such devastating events leave them feeling worthless and unloved. Their self-esteem plummets—many never fully recover and live life convinced they will never be loved again.

Public speaker and Bible study author Paula L. McDonald understands. Over the course of her eventful life, she has endured the pressures of adoption and divorce. She survived two life-threatening tumors, the loss of a lung, and a near-death experience. At times she wanted to give up—but through it all, God never allowed her to quit.

Beloved Not Broken is an eight-week Bible study program for women in which McDonald skillfully weaves her own stories of God’s grace with those of the amazing women found in the Bible. McDonald, too, has experienced the pain of feeling unloved and broken…only to have her heart healed by divine love.

The perfect Christian book for women or small groups, this testimony reminds women that they are precious beings loved more than they can ever fully comprehend.

Learn to accept who you are right now—and find yourself growing ever closer to God and the strength only he can give.