This is my third story in this series about Christmas blessings and miracles. Today’s story is also intensely personal but is important to share. I sincerely believe that we are allowed to experience amazing events in order to share them with others. We never know who needs to hear our story.

Years ago at the age of 43, my life almost ended in an instant. Having just been through what was supposed to be routine surgery, ended up in a near-death experience. At the peak of my adult life, the mother of two great children, fit and healthy,  what turned out to be a medical mistake changed the trajectory in my life in an incredible way.

Two weeks after the surgery, I began severely hemorrhaging. Because we lived on a farm that was 30 minutes from the nearest hospital, by the time I arrived via ambulance, I was already in shock and my body was shutting down due to the intense amount of blood loss. My main memory of this was how incredibly cold I was.

I was rushed into the ER and in the next moment, found myself in a dark recovery room. Again, I was so cold that every muscle in my body ached. I could not stop shivering and was exhausted. 

As I was lying in the recovery room, my eyes were closed, and instantly the room filled with warm light and I remember clearly that I was basking in the warmth that had suddenly enveloped me. Having been so very cold, this warmth was fantastic and welcomed. During this soaking in of the warmth, my eyes had been shut and I finally wondered who had turned on the light.

When I opened my eyes, this brilliant light encompassed every inch of the room yet, it did not hurt my eyes. I remember feeling so relaxed, safe, and in no pain. As I lifted my head, I saw the figure of a man at the foot of my bed. I could not see his face as the light appeared to be emitting from behind Him. What I did know beyond a shadow of a doubt was that I was in the presence of someone very important.

I was told four very specific things:

1. You are going to be ok.

2. I have work for you to do. (With my type-A personality, I instantly asked, “What work? I am ready.

3. In my own time.

4. Now rest my child.

After the final message, the light faded and I became cold again. The room became a flurry of activity as the nurses were asking me how I was feeling. All I could say to them was, “Did you see the man at the foot of my bed?” They all just looked at me as if I were nuts.

For the next few months, I did not share this experience and questioned if it really happened. In the next two Christmas stories, I will share two unbelievable events that God sent to me that unequivocally confirmed that what I experienced was a true, near-death message. 

Never doubt that although we can’t ever fully understand all of the mysteries of God, He is in control and has a mighty plan. I hope you will stay with me through the next two posts that confirmed this amazing experience. Until then, if you missed the last two stories, you can catch up via the links below:

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