Are you seeking balance in all areas of your life? This book is going to rock your world as you discover God, the Intelligent Designer, who created this world in the most perfect way. He desires for you to unlock the code to true inner peace that can only come from Him. 

The concepts in this book will help you develop critical thinking skills that will increase and enrich a deeper and more profound connection to God. 

Theosynthesis® is a journey that integrates science with Theology. This book will serve as a resource as you navigate the challenges in life. You will find the topics in this book will serve as lessons you will want to read and revisit often. 

As believers in Christ, we are hit from all sides with false information, New Age teachings, and a world that desires for us to remain silent. Welcome to Theosynthesis® where you will discover this perfectly ordered world with truths ready to be explored. 

You are holding in your hands an educational approach to difficult concepts that will illuminate God’s Word in a new and fresh way.

2021 Christian Literary Award

Dr. McDonald’s latest book, Theosynthesis® ~ LIV2DAY was awarded the coveted Christian Literary Award for 2021 in the Christian Living Category.

Christian Literary Award Seal