These are indeed confusing, interesting, and historic times. The world overnight appears to have been flipped upside down. No doubt, many people are scared, depressed, and fearful.

As I have reflected and prayed about this situation, I believe firmly that as believers we are going to be called to be prepared and ready for a harvest. Jesus said in Matthew 9:37, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.” Because as believers, we are called to share the Gospel, we must be equipped and ready to do His work.

I believe because of the uncertainty of the events going on in our world, the body of believers must be equipped and ready for those who will be seeking. When nothing else makes sense, many will finally look to our Lord and Savior.

Are you ready for these times? Prayerfully go before God and ask Him to show you how He wants you to step up for Him. You are to be a laborer for the coming harvest.

  • Get into God’s Word like never before.
  • Journal your prayers, concerns, and thoughts.
  • Pray earnestly and continuously.
  • Care for physical self. You will need to be fit to endure these times.
  • Keep your eyes firmly planted on Him.

Be of good cheer as knowing He will use you to further His Kingdom! What an honor to serve and to help guide others into His loving fold. You are needed.

Wake up to the coming harvest! I praise Him that He never changes and He is constant in an uncertain world. Will you boldly walk in confidence into these historic times?