As we all witnessed 2020 unfolding, life has changed dramatically for everyone. Most notably, as we are now well into 2021, people are becoming weary and subsequently angrier and angrier. While the world pits us against one another for a variety of topics, tensions are rising and the end result is anger.

What is really interesting is witnessing anger levels rising in people across the line. People are snapping over what appears to be unimportant issues and are losing their temper for what might appear to be a trivial matter. So what is really happening?

The answer is that prolonged stress will eventually percolate to the top and the end result are backlashes, angry outbursts, and behavior patterns emerge that are atypical for people. You hear people say, “I’ve never seen so and so get so mad.” You scratch your head over people lashing out and losing it over very trivial matters.

When the human body experiences anger, many physiological changes occur. Increased heart rate and blood pressure, a chemical dump of stress hormones, and eventually weakens the immune system and causes fatigue. None of these responses for an extended time are good for humans. Anger causes us to be in a constant state of flight or fight. Friends, are you tired of this?

I know that I am. I am extremely weary of the divisiveness over every single issue in this world. I’ve seen a huge uptick in the social media backlash. People are turning small, unimportant matters and creating drama where no drama needs to be. All of this is anger is bringing out the worst in people.

Don’t you all see it? The more divided we are, the more easily we are controlled. Imagine if believers in Christ STOOD UP and SPOKE OUT and STOOD TOGETHER, we would be an unbelievable force. Why are we not seeing the tactics being used to divide us. Let’s pay attention friends and see what is truly happening.

Let’s keep our eyes on Christ! Let’s boot up and suit up as warriors for the Kingdom. When we do this, nothing can stop us. Are you ready?