As the tensions flare regarding race, religion, political preferences, gender, economic status, or even career choice, differences abound. What has always made the United States great are the many diverse people groups, the various differences between these groups, and the freedom to be unique. As we have all witnessed, there is now a palatable divide between almost everything.

What on earth has happened? No longer is any difference of opinion tolerated on either side. You are deemed a radical if you speak your opinion and if you don’t speak out, you are also labeled in a negative manner. You are damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

What we need to focus on, however, is the question of what is it that you are wanting to accomplish as you decide on your stance on these various differences. Is your goal to build up with your words or to tear down? Understanding the outcome prior to speaking out should be considered.

Have you ever thought about the energy it takes to build rather than burn? The act of building is a positive action that takes time, a design, a plan, and action. Tearing down is what it is—destructive in nature. Within our body, building occurs when we ingest healthy foods that nourish and support our cells and organs. Toxins, chemicals, and poor nutritional choices result in the destruction and tearing down of our overall health.

The next time you choose to speak out on a touchy topic, give your words a bit of thought prior to putting them out there. Ask the question—are you building up or tearing down with your words? Either way, what is your end goal?

What we all need now is some healing, kindness, thoughtfulness, and concern for others. Perhaps now is the time to use some discretion before you speak out. Is it really necessary to tear down? If not, why not use words that build up?

When just a few of us help to change to the narrative, I believe we can make a positive difference. Words are powerful, use them with caution and care. Life is precious so let’s LIV2DAY!