Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, out of whack, or downright discombobulated? You are not alone. Life has become a chaotic and stress-filled mess for the majority of people. I have been on an interesting journey for many years as I have sought to find a balance within my life.

The word Theosynthhesis® was a God-given word that I trademarked and began the quest for writing my book, LIV2DAY ~ Abundantly Connecting to God. Over the past five years, I worked tirelessly on the book and writing the numerous chapters and topics I was led to include. In order to fully understand how to achieve balance in our lives, we must dig deep and look at the health and well-being of the three main areas of our lives. These include the mind, the body, and the spirit.

It is imperative that we maintain a balance in each of these areas. Each of these parts are equally important. In my book, LIV2DAY, I go into great details regarding each of these areas. You can order the book directly from my site.  

Take a moment to asses the overall balance in each of these areas of your life. Are there areas that you have neglected? If so, take the time to nurture and care each area specifically. Remaining within a balanced environment will help you achieve living the life God intended.

Are you fully living today?