Have you ever thought that our God of the Universe desires to co-create with YOU? He does! As our Creator, He inspires each one of us with creative thoughts, ideas, talents, and skills. Of course, the ultimate Creator would inspire His creation to also create!

When you have those inklings of ideas, grab hold of them and give thanks to our Almighty God! He is asking you to co-create with Him! Yes, THE Creator wants you to demonstrate His creative power through you.

I hear so many people saying they just aren’t creative. That is a LIE! That lie comes from the enemy who wants nothing more than to see you stifled in your creativity. Don’t buy into this lie!

The more you acknowledge the giver of creativity, the more likely you will recognize those light bulbs when they come on in your head. The next time an idea pops into your head, immediately thank God and then, get to work!

You have more within you than you can imagine. The Creator made you with a purpose. Find that purpose and be the paintbrush to your God-given, creative talents. They are there and He is waiting to see what you will do with them.