Have you ever really taken a good, close look at a dragonfly? I love the way they hover and buzz around my garden. Last year when I was out preparing my spring garden, I noticed dozens of dragonflies darting all about me.

I stood very still and held out my hand. I was actually sending great thoughts out to these little guys which may sound absolutely insane to many of you. Those of you who have known me for a long time know what a science/nature nerd I am. I admit it, guilty as charged!


As I patiently stood there marveling at these creatures, one friend landed right on my hand. Miraculously, he stayed there for several minutes. As you can see from the photo above, I was able to snap some pictures. It was the coolest thing ever!

Watching a dragonfly in flight is inspiring. These guys dart to and fro in all kinds of directions. Their flight can be described as elegant, fluid and very graceful. Now take a close look at those delicate looking wings. Delicate yes, but mighty powerful!

As I just stopped what I was doing on this day, I began thinking how dragonflies can be just like our dreams. If we stop for a moment in our hectic lives, perhaps we can take a moment to reflect on goals, our motives, our aspirations.

Like the transparent wings of the dragonfly, our innermost desires lay fluttering just beneath the surface of our souls. If we dare to allow these dreams to take flight, amazing things just might happen!  Are your dreams just hovering or are you ready to allow them to zig zag and soar?

Although this insect is small in comparison to many other creatures on this earth, they are mighty, vibrant and strong. YOU too are mighty, vibrant and strong! Will you allow yourself to believe this and to truly allow your mind to reach out and take flight?

What is holding you back? What are you fearful of? What self-limiting doubts and words have you bought in to?

Ditch the negative. The negative thoughts, words and actions carry a destructive energy force all of their own. Just the opposite,  lie to the positive thoughts, words and actions that carry an energy force that are healing and powerful.

Just like the transparent dragonfly wings that appear at first glance to be extremely fragile, they are actually aerodynamic wonders! You too possess your own transparent, dragonfly wings in your own mind. Will you allow them to fly high and to reach new heights today?

Stop right now and acknowledge your dreams! Now, be intentional each and every day to do one thing to reach those dreams. Your dragonfly wings are ready to take flight!

Have you fully LIVED today?