For many, Father’s Day is tough. When a father has passed, or perhaps divorce has fractured the family, or, maybe you were one of those who never knew your father, this day can create many emotions. I can relate as I never knew my biological father. Over my lifetime, it has certainly caused me to ask many questions.

What I can say is that despite not knowing my earthly father, I have been blessed by many other “fathers” in my life. Fathers can come in many forms such as dear friends, uncles, husbands, and of course, our heavenly Father. When we have known great father role models in our lives, we are truly beyond blessed. In my life, I have been covered by a father’s love in many forms.

Christ – When I came to truly know my Savior, Jesus Christ when I was 17 years old, I knew that this Father was the One who would never leave nor forsake me. Even at this early age, I knew within every fiber that I am, He would be the only Father figure I needed. I am grateful that He came into my life at that time. And, it was just before finding out about my real, biological father that I had never met. I believe this was divine timing that helped me navigate the future of this revelation.

My Stepfather – My mother married a wonderful man who took me in as his own. He showed me great care and took care of our family. He made my mother happy and that was important.

Uncles – I had two favorite Uncles who also stepped in and showed me amazing, fatherly love. I am thankful for both Uncle Frank and Uncle Don who loved me unconditionally.

My husband – Mark came into my life and loved me enough to not walk away when he realized if he married me at the age of 50, he would be raising another child. When my grandson was born into tough circumstances, he didn’t blink an eye and married me with an infant to raise. This, in my opinion, ranks right up there with top, fatherly devotion. For 13 years, he has been a wonderful father to this little boy. What a beautiful gift.

Fathers can come in many different ways into our lives. I am thankful for the men who have stepped into my life. I pray for those who are “fatherless” this Father’s Day, that you take a moment to reflect on the fathers who have entered your life, who may still be there, and for those who may be waiting to come alongside you. Be blessed in knowing that there is a Father who is available to all of us whenever we call upon Him. He is there waiting with open arms. You never, ever need to be Fatherless!