Yesterday was a big and exciting day as I was awaiting the delivery of my new book Theosynthesis®-LIV2DAY. When I finally received the call the truck was in the neighborhood, I grabbed my phone to be able to video the big moment! Finally, the truck pulled up!

The driver hopped out and verified our address and began placing the pallets of boxes on his dolly. I asked him to smile as I was filming him. He flashed a beautiful, happy smile and I knew he was going to be fun. He did not disappoint!

When he finished unloading, he remarked, “Hey, I see these are boxes of books. May I ask what the book is about?” I most likely was beaming with pride and began sharing a bit about how God directed me to write this book. He smiled an even bigger grin and shared that every morning before he leaves on his routes, he and his drivers all pray together. They pray for safety and for the people they will meet that day.

My husband then opened one of the boxes and I held that book in my hands. What an incredible feeling as five years of hard work had gone into this book. Now, I could actually see and feel the reality of the project. I took the book inside and wrote: “T” (he told us his friends called him this), Thomas is his real name, a note saying he was the first to receive this book.

By the time I gave him a book, we were all in tears as we heard his testimony. He shared that he teaches the high school kids at church. He mentors single moms, and he studied at a Christian University.

Before he left, we all hugged (forget C19), and took pictures. As he drove off, I couldn’t help but reflect on the fact that God is in EVERY detail! He even provided me with a Christian driver for my delivery. Having a fellow believer share this amazing moment made it very special!

Thank you, UPS, and “T”!  What a beautiful experience this was today. And “T”, you, my friend are a breath of fresh air!

Seek to find God each and every day! He is present in every tiny detail!