Yesterday, my son and I were completing a 2-day drive from Texas to Colorado. As I watched my gas tank miles diminishing, I kept on thinking there would be a gas station nearby right? Wrong!

I could see my 10-year old son getting a bit nervous as he watched the gas tank light go from 17 miles to 8 miles, to 0 miles! Inside I was a nervous wreck as I desperately sought to see a familiar gas station sign.  Outwardly I remained calm as I said to my son, “we are going to be fine, trust me!” I could tell he was trying to be brave.

As the miles ticked on with zero miles left in my tank, I had to keep my eyes and my faith firmly planted on the fact that yes, no matter what, we were going to be ok. Even though we were in an unfamiliar area, we would eventually get the gas we needed one way or another. We needed to keep our eyes on Christ. Just as he commanded Peter as he got out of the boat to keep his eyes on Jesus, we needed to do the same.

Thankfully, that wonderful gas station sign appeared as we limped off of the exit ramp coasting in on fumes. We filled our tank and made it to our destination. God indeed has our backs in all circumstances. We must fully trust in Him.

As I have pondered on this event, there are so many life lessons learned for myself and my precious son. First, keep your eyes looking forward no matter how bleak the situation may be. Second, have faith and believe that all will be alright. Third, never give up.

When your life tank is empty and you can’t see a way out, remember to have faith that Jesus is with us no matter what.  The lessons we learn while on empty may prove to be some of the most important lessons in life!

Have you fully LIVED TODAY?