Today was one of those beautiful, crisp December mornings in North Texas. Crispy brown grass from our recent frost, clean, cold air and, the bluest sky you’ve ever seen.

Jesus in the BackyardI walked outside to let the pooches out and a small, white piece of paper caught my eye. Thinking it was trash, I grabbed it and almost crumpled it up. Something made me take a closer look and to my astonishment, it was a tiny picture of Jesus!

I brought the tiny picture in and placed it on my counter as I prepared my morning tea. As I began to reflect on this amazing little find, it occurred to me that I often overlook the fact that Jesus is truly everywhere. Many times I feel guilty because I didn’t spend any quiet time with Him, or was remiss in my prayer time.

These are self-imposed guilts. Our loving Father enjoys time spent with us, but He does not judge us when we miss opportunities to spend time with Him. He loves us unconditionally all of the time.

Just moments before I had spent time reading the meditating on the the Word. Specifically, the first chapter of John. The beginning verses clearly state who Jesus is! He is THE Light! He is always with us. Once we have accepted Him into our lives, we are filled with His Light! Darkness can never, ever overshadow us! John 1:4 reads, “In Him was life, and that life was the Light of all mankind.”

Jesus is in your heart, your home, your life, and yes, even in your backyard. Isn’t it wonderful when He leaves us with wonderful reminders of Himself everywhere? I know this picture in the backyard appears to be a random occurrence yet, as a Believer, I understand the evidence of Him all of the time.

Take a moment to reflect on the light in your life. Are you allowing your light to shine brightly? Your light comes from the giver of all Light! Thank you Jesus today and every day for illuminating this dark world!

This Christmas season, shine His light brightly. So many are lost in the darkness and need to see His light. His light within you is meant be shared.

Merry Christmas!

Christ on the tree