I know this will not be a popular topic. However, I am convicted to write this as our churches need to wake up and HEAR THIS. We are reminded in Scripture over and over regarding how special we are. We are made in God’s image (Genesis 1:27). He created us to be His co-workers (2 Corinthians 6:1). Our bodies are a Temple to God (1 Corinthians 6:19-20). Therefore, shouldn’t we be caring for our bodies in the most precious of ways?

Each time I walk into church on Sunday, there are heaps of life-taking foods being gobbled up by the church-goers. Donuts by the dozen are laid out providing zero nutritional value, a huge amount of processed sugar, and an untold number of foreign chemicals into the bloodstream. And yes, choosing to consume these products is a personal choice. My point for this post is to bring awareness to an unnecessary practice I believe is killing us.

Yes, donuts are inexpensive and easy to distribute however, what is the end result? A congregation consuming food that is life-taking, jacking them up on sugar, and feeding the body rather than the soul. We come to church to feed the soul yet, we are providing people with junk food that will have health consequences.

Questions to ponder:

  1. How can we serve God when we are obese, sick, and tired?
  2. How can we honor the Temple of God (our bodies) if we are filling them with junk food that has no nutritional value?
  3. What message are we sending as a Church as an example of caring for your own health if we continue to entice people with junk food?
  4. Shouldn’t the Church be concerned with the unbelievable increase in obesity in our country?
  5. Why is the Church providing soft drinks via machines? These companies profit from making drinks that contain zero nutrition and tons of sugar and chemicals.

While these questions are not popular, I am imploring Christian leaders to wake up and address these questions. Our youth and children’s programs give out loads of candy as well. This must stop.

Why not:

  1. Offer fresh fruit, nuts, dried fruit, or yogurt.
  2. Encourage messages about the importance of caring for your body.
  3. Set the example as the leadership of the Church by taking a stand to make some changes regarding health and wellness. (Your Church members will not be around too long if they are laden with health challenges as a result of poor food choices)
  4. Say NO to soft drinks and vending machines in the Church.
  5. Organize a health & wellness team/group to offer healthier solutions.

Folks, we can no longer put our heads in the sand. We have a problem! As obesity rates skyrocket in both children and adults, health issues resulting from obesity are also increasing. We as a Church have a duty and a responsibility to bring attention and awareness to this topic even though it is difficult.

Pastors, church leaders, and youth leaders – this message is for YOU! How will you respond?