As I strolled along the beautiful beach this morning in Destin, Florida, I was having a conversation with God. I was just asking Him for a message. Just any sort of message that I would know was from Him.

A few moments later I came upon this cute little crab just sitting inside of this circle. As a nerdy Biologist, I couldn’t resist snapping a few photos of this creature. He was just sitting there inside this circle so patiently and still.

Crab 1

I continued on my walk and then began my trek back to my starting point. Once again I came upon Mr. Crab. However, this time I noticed something I had not previously noted before. Written just below my new friend was a message. The message said, “I’m alive.”

Crab 2

I just had to laugh as before, I was so focused on getting a great shot of the crab that I totally missed the message below him. I wondered how many times God has given me a message that I completely missed because I was so tuned in to something else?



The remainder of the walk down the glorious beach, I couldn’t help but smile at how cool our God is. Isn’t it just like Him to patiently guide me to His message? He allowed me to come back and really see and get His message.

For me the message of “I’m alive” truly has meaning. As a survivor of several life threatening events, this message is profound. I even have this on my license plate as a reminder to really live each day.  LIV2DAY is the personalized message I keep on my car as a daily reminder to do just that – truly LIVE each and every day.

As you traverse your journey today, take a moment to really look and see if God has a message for you. Perhaps you are too focused on one thing that you might just miss an amazing message from Him! Open your eyes, take in the big picture and see what He has for you. Don’t overlook the message!

May this day be full of messages in the sand and may you Fully Live Today!