God created us with a desire to seek & understand him on a much deeper level. Daily, God astonishes us by his presence & ability to connect with us here on earth. Today Dr. Paula shares who God is & how he is there, even when you cannot see him. Because there is no special instrument to measure God, therefore, many claim He is not real. We know love and faith exist, but we can’t measure them. Ego causes more people to deny God than anything else. It’s a big obstacle. Blaise Pascal was a French mathematician and philosopher who brilliantly wrote what is called Pascal’s Wager, It says this, “In order to try to come to the conclusion that God does exist through reason alone, the wise person should live their life as if there is a God.” He then goes on to say, ‘on the other side of the coin, if God does not exist, then we haven’t lost a thing. “And so he wagered basically, what have you got to lose by choosing to believe in God?