Today’s episode in our July LIV2DAY Replay takes us back to December of 2020. For most of us, that was a difficult time. It was the first holiday season to occur during the initial COVID-19 outbreak. Many people were quarantining, away from family gatherings, church, work and more. Dr. Paula’s original episode #6 on “Exercise” gave each of us a renewed perspective on how exercise could play a vital role in our total health and immunity. Exercise is not oly a form of self-care, but also a way of expressing gratitude to God, our Maker. Our bodies were designed to move so they stay supple, strong, flexible and mobile. Sedentary lifestyles cause us to lose strength. Over time, inactivity will cause our bodies to become vulnerable to weakness, illness and disease.

Join Dr. Paula on this brief introduction to how to get your body moving one muscle at a time, even if you have compromised joints or a disability. You do not have to become a top athlete in order to improve your health and overall fitness.