The term Shekinah Glory comes from the Hebrew language, meaning the presence of God dwelling on Earth, and many believe that this pillar of light, which guided the Israelites throughout their journey in the desert, was an example of God’s Shekinah glory and this type of light. However, it’s not a type of light that we are familiar with here on Earth. And so just as sound has its own frequencies, light also has various frequencies of waves that can be measured. But Shekinah Glory light doesn’t appear to follow any laws of light that we know of on this Earth, and so it’s different. It’s brilliant, yet not blinding, and science has not been able to define this type of light. Dr. Paula shares with listeners her experience with what she believes was Shekinah Glory during a near-death experience, along with an amazing discovery about “light” in the form of Laminin, embedded into the very structure of the cells in our bodies.