The Bible is full of stories about healing. We know that Jesus did many healings during his life on earth. Why is it that many people today falsely believe that there is no such thing as miraculous healings? The truth is that miraculous healings happen all the time. In this episode, Dr. Paula shares the story of her OWN miraculous healing. She invites skeptics to rethink the issue and even suggests that as Christians, EACH of us has healing power, for ourselves and others, that we may not have ever considered. Full of inspiring scriptures that offer hope and confidence, this episode may leave you ever-more curious about spiritual healing, as one of the many gifts God has for us in this present day.

Deuteronomy 32: 39, “See now that I myself am He; there is no God beside me. I put to death and I bring to life. I have wounded and I will heal and no one can deliver you out of my hand.”


Hi there. I'm Dr. Paula McDonald, and I welcome you to my podcast Live Today. It's here that together we will explore the concept of balance as God designed to it to be for us, his children, balance of the mind, the body and the spirit. And it's what I've named Theosynthesis. And it's here waiting for you.

rs, I will heal you. Jeremiah: