In this second of her series on “Toxic Offenders,” Dr. Paula turns her focus on personal products. Do you know what’s in your toothpaste, your skincare, your hair care and if so, are you informed on the toxicity of the top five ingredients in each? If not, this podcast is a must for you. Dr. Paula McDonald is a PhD Theology with a Masters Degree in Biology. In addition, her experience as a two-time cancer survivor adds to her unique perspective on personal health. She is an advocate for whole-health and an advocate for personal responsibility in the areas of spiritual, emotional and physical wellness.


Hi there. I'm Dr. Paula McDonald, and I welcome you to my podcast live Today. It's here that together we'll explore the concept of balance, as God designed it to be for us, his children. Balance of the mind, the body, and the spirit. And it's what I've named Theosynthesis. And it's here waiting for you.

Hello, everyone. This is Dr. Paula McDonald. And I'm here today to talk to you about another top five toxic offenders. And this time we're talking about personal products. And so on the podcast two weeks ago, I shared the top five toxic offenders in your everyday household products. And hopefully this topic has caused you to rethink the items that you use in your home that could be harming your health. So today we're really going to place our focus on uncovering the toxic offenders in your personal products. Well, when we narrow down to the top five worst offenders, it is a tough job because when you really start digging in and researching all of this, there's so many things that we need to avoid in our everyday products that we're using. So the saddest thing of all is the reality that you guys, this is big business. And profits seem to supersede safety if profit becomes more important than the poisons that people are putting in and on their body. You guys, something is very, very wrong. And as I shared in the last podcast on this topic, this information is being shadow banned. It's being pulled off of social media. People don't want us talking about this. So if this resonates with you and, you know, there's some people that need to hear it, please share this podcast because it may be being shadow banned, which is very troublesome. That obviously that means we're on to something. We're on to the truth. And so it really is up to us in these grassroots efforts to get this information out. And so let's go back to the topic today, and we're going to Peel back the truth on the biggest toxic offenders in the products that you are most likely using every single day. And these are including toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, cosmetics, and perfumes. These are the things that we probably all tend to use every single day. So let's see what's going on in these. And so offender number one, we're going to look at toothpaste. It really is a huge business. It comes in all sorts of flavors, colors and textures. It's packaged to entice the consumer to buy it for fresh breath, teeth, whitening and decay prevention. And although none of those desired results are bad things, unfortunately, the ingredients in toothpaste are loaded with toxins. And this product goes directly in your mouth twice a day on average. And your mouth is the first place where food and drink enters your bloodstream. And with the anatomy of the mouth, it allows for chemical exchange to begin the moment you put something in your mouth. So if you are brushing your teeth with the most big name toothpaste brands. Get ready. Your mind may be blown and it may really make you mad because even your dentist gives you a nice little package of freebies when you leave their office after your appointment. And everyone wants a toothpaste that tastes great. However, that great taste has its drawbacks. Titanium dioxide helps make toothpaste more visually pleasing, but it is linked to hyperactivity in children, which means this stuff affects the brain and that is not good for that good taste. Toothpaste typically contains aspartame and other artificial sweeteners and we've talked about those in a previous show about the dangers of artificial sweeteners. We know they are known carcinogens and we know they cause a variety of disruptors in your body. And then of course, there's fluoride. And we've been told our entire lives we need a ton of fluoride to strengthen our teeth and to fight tooth decay. I've discussed fluoride in water before and I've also talked about the pineal gland in an entire show. But it's important to note that the pineal gland in your brain that is responsible for producing melatonin for sleep and serotonin for mood is one of the glands that fluoride helps to calcify and thereby render ineffective. So what can you replace these harmful toothpastes with? And I've shared about Young Living products on my show before. I do love the Thieves toothpaste from Young Living. It tastes great, leaves my mouth feeling super clean without all the yucky chemicals. But I do not push these products to build a downline. You can simply click on my website, Dr. Paula, click on Resources and then on the Young Living tab. And in order as a retail customer, you do not have to join. Other suggestions are using baking soda where you just add a drop of essential citrus oil. And now boom, you have a very inexpensive toothpaste replacement. That is hard to say. Also, I like to buy Tom's and you can get that from most grocery stores. It is an all natural toothpaste. All are good alternatives. Alright, let's look at offender number two, which is shampoo. Now, this category is one that many will balk because of all the great smelling scents that make your hair smell so good. But let's not be so quick. Sadly, most of the products out there are loaded with things that you really don't want being absorbed into your body via your largest organ, your skin. And many people don't even think about that. The skin is a big time absorption organ. A lot of things that you put on your skin, man, they're going right into your system. So when you're looking at shampoo bottles, here are the ingredients to look for Laurel sulfates, parabens glycols, formaldehyde, synthetic fragrances and colors. These chemicals affect your body in a number of ways, everything from skin irritation to known carcinogens to liver toxicity. They can be caused by these ingredients using them over and over and over seek organic and all natural hair care products. They are out there, but most likely you're going to need to seek them out. And isn't it sad that when seeking non chemical products, they aren't just readily available? Once again, it's because the big companies desire to control the market and the narrative of what we can and cannot say about them? Offender number three, Deodorant let's talk about the pits for a minute and while this topic may sound gross, stay with me as this is super important. When I was in Costa Rica, I enjoyed a session with a woman who pinpointed my armpits and discussed how American women and our armpits are lumpy and clogged due to years and years of toxic underarm deodorant use. And I'm sure this is true for women around the world and not just American women. But she specifically said she sees it more in American women. And I know that I certainly don't want to stink, but I will tell you that the cleaner your diet becomes of what you're putting on the inside, the less stinky your pits actually become. And it's true. But until your system is cleaned out, you will battle body odors. And unfortunately, most of the deodorants out there are full of toxic chemicals. Two of the major offenders are the fragrances and the aluminum. And because of the anatomy of our lymphatic system, the armpits are loaded with lymphatic glands. And then when these glands become clogged with toxic sludge, the end result could be a frightening diagnosis of breast cancer. These lymphatic glands are connected to the glands that go directly to your breast tissue. And when they are draining a lot of toxins like aluminum from a product that you use on a daily basis, after a time, the body can just no longer remain healthy. Please take a moment to look into the ingredients in the deodorant you are currently using. And the aerosol deodorants are extra troubling as now you're also inhaling these particles that have no business going into your lungs. I have chosen to use either essential oils directly on my armpits. I like lavender and I use a blend called Purification. And also there are Young Living or Tom's brands of deodorants that you can use. They're already made and put on. They're safe. They don't have all these things in them. And another very practical thing that I learned from this trip to Costa Rica was to massage your own underarm areas. It's a great thing to do to help keep that lymphatic system draining and working properly. And a great way to do this is when you're in the shower, just get in the habit of doing this daily and you will help your lymphatic system drain with the assistance of this armpit massage. So it seems weird, but it's just like for us ladies when we do the monthly self breast exam, it's get in the habit of just getting in there and just massaging that tissue really will help the flow and drainage of this system. All right, offender number four. Cosmetics. All right, ladies, this is the one that hits home for most of us. We love our girly makeup. And unfortunately, the cosmetic industry has sold out to ingredients that will endure a long shelf life for their products. It makes sense. They stay in a warehouse forever and ever and they're loaded and transported and sometimes they stay in the stores forever and ever. But these preservatives are not things that we need in our bodies. And also, many of the coloring ingredients are loaded with toxins such as lead, arsenic, Mercury, aluminum, zinc, calcium, and iron. And if those aren't bad enough minerals that we're putting in a makeup form. There are mineral oils from the petrochemical products and silica that are used and there are many, many more sketchy ingredients that slip into our cosmetics and they may look appealing and they're packaged in slick containers, making them attractive to unsuspecting customers and to young people. But I cannot encourage you enough to do a complete inventory of the cosmetics that you are using. Look up the ingredients at least the top four or five listed on the things you use a lot. If you are finding a concoction of toxins, then it's time to start seeking cosmetics that are much safer so your body isn't being exposed to these unhealthy ingredients. I have searched for years for good, clean products to replace the items that I found that I was using and I have found some great alternatives. Head to my website and you can click on those resources. But I've also found, for instance, just taking makeup off. I don't need some fancy, expensive makeup remover. I found using pure coconut oil not only removes makeup effortlessly, but it also moisturizes your skin beautifully and in an allnatural way. The good news is there are many more safe alternatives for cosmetics today than there were just five years ago. People are beginning to wake up to the nonsense of the junk that is loaded with ingredients that are harming them. So go and assess your cosmetic bag and start getting rid of those things with the chemical offenders that are not doing you any good for your health. And trust me, you can replace the yucky cosmetics with great, safe products that will make a difference with your long term health. Offender number five perfume. This last group of products is one of the oldest in the industry, which is the massive moneymaker fragrances and perfumes. These fragrances have become notoriously loaded with unhealthy chemicals. This industry was actually born using pure essential oils from the plants that God placed directly on this Earth. But over time, the fragrance industry needed formulas that it would stem the shelf life of the perfumes and would also allow their products to be patented. Thus, they can profit from them. And so you're not allowed to patent a naturally derived fragrance directly from a plant. But in order to place a patent on something, you've got to bring in something non organic to be able for them to put their claim on the fragrance. So here are some of the worst offenders that are in our perfumes and fragrances. Benzel, dehyde, methylene chloride, thylates and styrene. These chemicals cause many maladies in your body, including tissue destruction, lung irritation, metabolism suppression and cancer. I gave up all fragrances after losing my lung. Now I can barely walk into a cosmetic area of a Department store because the fragrances are so strong and overbearing and I instantly get a headache, which should give you a big clue of how toxic they are. When I threw away the perfumes that I was using, I began my journey into pure therapeutic grade essential oils. These beautiful oils, derived directly from God's perfect garden, provide us with complex fragrances that do not damage human tissue. In fact, not only do these oils smell great, they are also incredible important chemical constituents that have a variety of medicinal uses in our bodies. I've done an entire podcast on essential oils and I encourage you to go back and listen to it. It's podcast number ten, so go back and have a listen. And it's important to note that not all oils are created equally as many that you will find in the grocery store or Department stores are compromised. Many of these store bought oils have been adulterated with additives that are not organic and are harmful. So make sure when you are doing your homework regarding pure therapeutic grade essential oils, you know what you're purchasing. I love to use some of my favorite blends of essential oils for my fragrance, my daily fragrance. And people constantly tell me, man, you smell great, what are you wearing? I have to tell them I'm wearing essential oils, but some of my favorite blends from Young Living are Valor, Sacred Mountain Believe, Abundance and White Angelica. You can also have fun experimenting and mixing your own scents and I wear many different ones at a time. So last week or the last show on this topic we talked about the top five offenders in your household products and today we Dove into personal products. And next week we're going to dive into the top five offenders in your food. And then we'll go into those what you drink. And finally, a topic you may not expect the top five offenders in your stinking thinking. So stay tuned and please share these important messages. People need to wake up as we have been duped into believing the things being sold to us are safe when they are not because shows like this are being censored and shadow banned. It is up to us to share and I cannot. Thank you enough for those who take the time to listen to this show. I pray that each message is valuable and will truly help you live today thank you for joining me friends. My prayer for you is that you would seek to live today and every day in balance and in abundant connection with God.