Welcome to Dr. Paula’s latest LIV2DAY series – Wired2Know God. As a former biology teacher and Ph.D. in Theology, Dr. Paula McDonald brings us her latest findings on the topic of how we can be confident that we were created by an intelligent, intentional Creator, God himself.

If you’ve been following Dr. Paula, or if you’ve read her book Theosenthesis, LIV2DAY, you know her passion for science and for God. Her work centers on the premise that the more we study science, the stronger the case is for Christ, and for the truths revealed to us in the Bible. No matter how many times scientists, archaeologists, and non-believers try to disprove Creationism, still, their “most accepted cosmological models” are not test-worthy and cannot be replicated. At best, their published work remains today no more than a culmination of theories.

Join us in this episode as Dr. Paula shares what we can expect in episodes ahead, on this 6-week journey. We will cover more than the DNA structure that makes us human, and delve into a fact-based discussion that points to God’s undoubtedly, purposeful and personal design of man, made in His own image.

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