The concept of holy water was introduced to us in the Bible. There are numerous passages of the healing via water, the baptism by water, and the saving by water as depicted in the example of baby Moses being placed in the Nile. Water is mentioned from the very beginning of the Bible in Genesis. Water is one of those elements that we cannot live without.

As I was immersed in a warm bath the other evening and was praying while I soaked, it occurred to me that as I prayed, the vibration from the prayers was entering this water. As I wrote in my book, Theosynthesis® about the amazing features of water and how sound most definitely changes water, this thought about my prayers almost brought me to tears. This same water I was sitting in would soon leave my bathtub forever changed.

This same water will end up elsewhere and I thought, “How do my prayers over this water affect those who come into contact with it later?” We know that prayer has power and we know Jesus used the water to heal. What an amazing thought that our prayers are never wasted. Those who don’t believe in Almighty God may be splashing this same prayer water over their faces or drinking it. Whether they like it or not, they are being showered with water that has been affected by prayer.

The point is that prayer is powerful, everlasting, and important. Know that every prayer you say no matter if in the water or elsewhere, will supersede all time and space. For me, however, I will use each and every bath as a mode to send these prayers in a physical way. And, I too am receiving water that has been prayed over. I love this thought and wanted to share it with you today.