This morning I awoke with a very clear message saying, “Prepare Your Soil”. As I pondered this statement, I began to visualize more clearly what this message might mean. Let’s break this down a bit to understand some analogies.


The first word to take a look into is preparation. We all know that in order to do anything well, it takes planning and preparation. The better your preparation is the more successful your project or end-goal becomes.

Are you preparing your soil?

Preparation also requires work. A gardener must dig through the hard dirt, remove the weeds and stones, and till the soil. Then, the soil needs to be watered and fertilized in order to support the coming crop. Proper preparation requires intentionality and not cutting corners.

S O I  L 

Soil may seem like a straight forward topic. However, anyone who works with soil can tell you there are many types of soil out there. Depending on how you need to use the soil will determine the type that you need.

Soil has several properties that make it unique. Texture, structure, water holding capacity, pH levels, consistency, and color are some of the main features of soil. Some types of dirt are better for varying needs. Rocky, hard soil is difficult to use for farming. Clay soils are great for building ponds. Prior to building a structure, it is always advisable to have a soil test performed by an engineer.

Now that we’ve taken a closer look at these keywords from the message I received, here are my take-aways:

  1. Every season of our life requires some sort of preparation. What is God calling me to prepare for right now? What might I need to do in order to be ready?
  2. The good preparation of soil will enable deep roots to be established. Have I done what is needed in order to root my life deeply into God’s will?
  3. What weeds or stones do I need to remove from my life? Are there areas of my life that are preventing new growth? If so, how do I remedy this?
  4. Is my soil ready for a harvest? Is it ready to hold a firm foundation? What must I do in order to improve my soil?
  5. If God were evaluating my soil, how would it measure up? Have I neglected Him or His Word?

As I have pondered this statement all day, I can see so many wonderful lessons from God. He desires that I am prepared for whatever work He has for me. If I am not prepared and ready, I may not be able to handle the job. It is my responsibility to be available and capable when God directs.

Perhaps this statement, “Prepare Your Soil” means something different to you. It is a great reminder though to seek Him and earnestly ask HIm what this might mean for your life? Are you prepared for the unexpected surprise that God has for you?