We recently purchased a beautiful, historic building in our small town on the Square. This little beauty is in big-time need of a complete face lift inside and out. As we are beginning the project, it has reminded me so much of how Christ has done this for me in my life and that of all believers.

I know for myself personally, I am in constant need of a renovation and of restoration. I cannot do this life on my own. I need something larger than myself. I need a Savior who accepts me with all of my bumps, bruises, and scars.

Today we really began the tear-down phase of this building. It’s a complete mess.  However, as the walls are coming down, we are discovering of some really cool elements in the building. For instance, as a closet came out, it exposed the original stair railing leading to the upstairs! What a find!

As I reflect on my own inner walls, isn’t it cool when we allow our inner defense walls to be taken down it exposes our perfectly built bodies? Just like the old building, when the layers that weigh us down are removed, underneath lies so much beauty and strength.

God designed us in His image! Living this life with all of the yuck we go through at times can hide the beauty that He created within us. As we trust in Jesus and allow Him to peel back the layers within us, our true selves can be revealed, exposing the beauty within us.

What layers in your life do you need to have exposed and to get rid of? Isn’t your soul begging you to release those layers that are not serving you? Allow God to renovate and restore your soul. As you do this, you can finally lay down the layers of grime and dirt that are holding you back from reaching your full, godly potential.

Renovate and restore!