This morning I awoke with a strong message directly from God. “Return My territory.” I could not shake the message and went immediately to the Bible to seek scripture verses and wisdom. I found many wonderful verses straight from His Word:

The Lord has enlarged the territory for s. We will prosper in the land.” Genesis 28:22

I will drive out nations before you and enlarge your territory.” Exodus 34:24

This territory has been appointed to you as your inheritance.” Numbers 34:2

Many will take from these verses that if you are a believer, God will prosper you financially. There are many ways to prosper. Financial prosperity is not an end-all game. As a believer, prosperity in our walk with Christ is the goal. Prosperity also involves enjoying the fruits of the Spirit. Developing a deep connection to God and to His people also blesses us immensely.

The message I received appears to be a reminder for me personally regards standing up and claiming my spiritual territory. As believers, we are to stand up and claim what God has entrusted to you personally. What tasks has God placed in your care? Are you claiming the work He has given you?

Additionally, you are to claim spiritual authority over your life, your work, and your family. To claim something means taking ownership. We are to take ownership of the work God has given to us.

My message today has many meanings for me. As I take on a new role as a leader in my city, I hear loud and clear to claim my authority in Christ. To entrust decisions to Him as I am guided. Also, I am to claim my own spiritual territory. I must have a God-confidence that He will guide and protect what He has entrusted me with.

I pray you will ask God what He needs you to do with your territory. How will you move forward confidently in claiming your spiritual territory? Trust that God’s plan for your life! Your territory belongs to the Almighty.