Tonight I met up with some fellow prayer warriors. We felt the burning desire to walk around our local high school seven times while praying, reading Scripture, and listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit. This was the first time we have done this and I cannot tell you how powerful it was to be a part of this event.

Although we were a small group, there was no doubt that we were not the only four there. We felt a mighty presence like never before. We decided to start this first walk at our local high school. We walked around the school seven times proclaiming spiritual truths, rebuking strongholds, and praising the name of Jesus.

As we were walking and coming around for our seventh lap around the school, we saw this cross on the pavement. We had not seen it during the previous six laps. We knew it was a special sign for us from God. All of us had chills as we proclaimed that the ground we were walking on was HIS ground and that we were taking it back for His glory! Then on the next lap – there is this beautiful cross beneath our feet on that very pavement we had just claimed! How cool of a God moment is that?

Folks, the enemy is after our children, our marriages, and our communities. As warriors for the Kingdom, we are needed now more than ever. If God is nudging you this moment to get out and do this in your area, heed His call. Get on your knees and ask Him for guidance and direction. Then, get to work. We all need to be booted and suited for the work that He has for us.

You are needed. And, if you are unable to walk, offer yourself as a prayer partner to stop and pray at the same time the walk is happening. We KNOW the power of prayer supersedes all time and space. Our prayers can and will change entire communities. Who is with me? Who will help to carry this torch?