We have arrived at the blessed Christmas Eve – THE reason for the season and that is Christ our Lord. This week I have been sharing Christmas blessing stories in the hopes to provide others with joy and purpose. God gives each of us stories and wants us to share them.

Our final story in this series is another confirmation of my near-death experience. This story not only confirmed my experience but also provided a young mother with the gift of giving herself some grace. This precious story still brings tears to my eyes.

I was in my hometown for a book signing of my first book, Beloved Not Broken. I was seated in a chair and suddenly realized a tiny little 4-year old boy was standing next to my chair staring intently into my eyes. He was so sweet and I asked him if he wanted to sit in my lap. He immediately crawled up and his gaze never left my eyes.

I looked over at his mother as if to say, “is this normal for him?” She was as perplexed as I was. After a few more minutes, he hopped down and went over to his mother. I followed him and felt led to ask a very strange question.

I said to her, “Has he had a big or scary event in his life?” She looked at me with huge eyes as she burst into tears saying, “Oh my word, last summer we found him floating in our swimming pool. By the time we got him out, he was blue.” I could see and feel the guilt in her eyes.

I immediately knelt down to this precious boy and whispered into his ear, “Did you see Jesus?” Without hesitation, he said, “Yes I did!” I stood up and hugged his mother and told her, “You must let go of your guilt, your son was never alone throughout this ordeal, he was with Jesus.

This child and I shared a common bond–a visit from our Lord. These experiences inexplicably draw people together. No doubt even with this small boy, he knew the two of us had something in common. And, for this encounter, it was to provide his mother with words of comfort that she needed to hear.

I don’t know why God has given me so many amazing “God-cidences” but, He has. Perhaps He knew that I would be obedient in sharing them. What stories has He given you that you need to share?

May this Christmas be especially blessed as you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that our Lord and Savior died for you despite every yucky thing you have done. Accept Him and live in the beautiful grace of forgiveness. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones. 

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