Christmas seasons come and go. Everyone is scurrying about with travel, shopping, cooking, attending gatherings, and so many other activities. Even our church activities can be filled up with concerts, plays, and services.

As I sit here reflecting on this Christmas season, the Manger comes to mind. On that special night a few thousand years ago in a humble stable, our beautiful Savior, Jesus Christ was born and placed in a manger. He entered this world unlike what many wanted to believe. He arrived quietly and without the fanfare, the world expected of a heavenly King!

So what does this mean as we ponder the significance of the Manger? The lessons are many and extremely profound.

  1. The Manger represents the humility of our Christian faith. Our King of Kings and Lord of Lords did not blast into this world demanding respect. He came in complete humbleness out of love for all of mankind.
  2. The Manger reminds us that He is the reason for the season. Not Santa Clause, not Christmas trees, presents, or activities.
  3. The Manger prepares us for eternity with Him. His humble arrival tells us that He is not about Himself but rather, His arrival was and is about each one of us.
  4. The Manger signals what, “Peace on Earth” truly meant. Jesus brought His message as a Savior to those who will accept Him. Without knowing Him, one will never know true Peace.
  5. The Manger teaches us that Christ was born to bring us the gift of salvation from our sins.

Will you take a moment to remember the meaning of the manger this Christmas season? It is so easy to get caught up in the frenzy of Christmas and to lose sight of Christ. This simple manger also represents that Christ Himself is not complicated. His message was simple, “Remain in Me, and I will remain in You.” (John 15:4) Many try and make accepting Christ difficult. Just like the simplicity of the Manger, accepting Christ is simple as well.

He desires to know each one of us intimately. He desires for you to come to Him and accept His love. He desperately wants to spend eternity with us. If you have already accepted Jesus into your life, perhaps this Christmas season, the best gift you could give to another is for them to know the Meaning of the Manger. Who needs to hear this from you? With whom will you share?

Blessings and a Merry Christmas to you all.