This week, I experienced a very frightening event. My son and I came home from shopping and could smell something really yucky in the house. It did not smell like natural gas but did have a rotten smell. The scent seemed to be mainly in our laundry room.

We continued to unload the groceries and the smell appeared to be dissipating. I was next to our gas stovetop in the kitchen and accidentally bumped one of the starter buttons and in an instant, the loudest explosion and the biggest fireball I have ever witnessed ensued before my eyes. My heart felt as if it had stopped as my ears were ringing off the hook.

The explosion was so forceful that the knobs to the stovetop blew up and went throughout the kitchen. I stood there stunned and checking my body for burns. More importantly, my 9-year-old son was thankfully in the garage when the explosion occurred. He was running in after hearing my scream and the explosion. I told him to stay back.

When the gas company came out, the man said to me, “Ma’am, are you telling me that you were right next to that stovetop when it blew?” I said, “Yes I was and simply pointed up!” You guys, myself, my son, and my home were supernaturally protected! No doubt about it!

Moments after this happened, I received an urgent message to open my email. When I did, it was an attack of a different kind. This attack was aimed at me personally as I have arranged to have a woman come to our town to speak out against the Critical Race Theory. This email was a demand from a person wanting the venue where I booked the event to not allow us to hold the event there. We were called “White Supremacists”.

As I sat there reeling from the physical explosion I had just encountered and now this character assassination, I heard the Holy Spirit whisper, “Paula, the fire has begun but I am with you.” I have been feeling a sense of urgency for over a year now that we as believers are going to have to go through the fire for Christ. We are going to be asked to STAND UP, SPEAK UP, and NOT BACK DOWN. The time is now friends.

Christianity is under attack. Goodness vs. evil is evident. Division is the mantra. Are you ready to boot up and suit up for the Kingdom? We must be ready to fight the good fight.

The message in the firebomb was spot on! We are in it but we are never alone! Stay prayed up and read up! LIV2DAY!