Today, my Bible Study app reminded me that God is our rock. He is the One upon whom we stand. He is unwavering and strong.

As a little girl, I was always drawn to rocks. I would spend hours in the creek bed searching for that unusual treasure. I would sift through the dirt and sand uncovering rocks of all different shapes and sizes. Soon, I was cracking those rocks open to see what was inside.

Many of the rocks were the same on the inside as on the outside. While some were bursting with gleaming crystals of all sizes and colors. I remember being so excited when I would discover the beauty within the seemingly uninteresting stone.

Before long I was placing those stones in a rock tumbling machine and pouring grit on them week, after week. After many long months, the stones emerged smooth and polished. Each stone took on an entirely new personality as they endured the constant tumble and the grit.

The lessons about God are so beautiful as I reflect on Him. Many of us are rough on the outside with so much beauty hidden within. With Christ, that beauty shines like a diamond. Without Him, the beauty and the potential remain hidden.

And like those rough stones turning and turning in the polishing machine, our lives resemble this action. We are challenged, broken, scarred, and rough. When we allow God to pick us up over and over again, each time we are a little smoother and a little more refined.

Over time, a life led by Christ becomes polished and shiny. We go through a lot of dirt and grit yet, with each turn, we are becoming more like Him. Shine brightly as you allow your polished life to reflect His glory!

“Having the glory of God, its radiance like a most rare jewel,

like a jasper, clear as crystal.”

Revelation 21:11