What an interesting, challenging, and ever-changing year we have come through in 2020! Despite all that has been difficult, this year has also taught us many valuable lessons. So yes, it is especially a Merry Christmas this year.

Here are my reasons that our 2020 Christmas is extra special:

  1. As the world was forced to completely shut down, families were able to spend extra time together.
  2. We were all given the gift of time with schedules that were stopped.
  3. As things changed overnight, we all had to adjust our lives and seek new ways to do things.
  4. We learned that it is ok to slow down.
  5. Hopefully, we gained a new appreciation for the time we do still have.
  6. Changes caused us to look inward and upward.
  7. For many, books were read, and to-do lists were completed.
  8. Many determined their needs had changed requiring a new way to look at their lives.
  9. We discovered what is truly important in life as loved ones have been lost.
  10. The human spirit remained strong and grew stronger.

How has your life and your heart changed this year? No matter the challenges, Christmas has and still does represent all that is good in this world. Traditions, love, the birth of Christ, peace on earth, and family.

Will you take a moment to reflect on the blessings you have in your life? Be thankful for the good things that have come out of this year. May this Christmas be warm, special, and full of love. YES–Merry Christmas 2020!