Every one of us is a hot mess! Yes, we mess up, we create messes, and we can become mired in our mess. However, in the midst of your mess, a message emerges.

What will your message be as you navigate your mess? Will your message be one of hope or will it become one of doom and despair? That’s right, you determine what message you will choose to carry as you go through your difficulties.

I believe God allows us to go through trials in order for us to come alongside the next person going through a tough time. Our experience can be the exact, soothing balm the person traveling through the pit needs to hear. Our message of hope, encouragement, and victory can pull another up and out of their mess.

I can attest that God has used my messes to share my message with others. While I was knee-deep or even chest-deep in the mud, as I emerged, I was stronger than ever before. What I learned too is by sharing my message, it actually perpetuated my own healing.

What mess are you lying in right now? How will you choose to pull yourself up and out of your current situation? Start seeking the message in your mess.

God can and will use you when you seek Him in your mess. He is there with an extended hand. Reach up and grab hold! Allow Him to pull you out of your pit! Once He does, He will give you an incredible message to share.