Those who know me, understand my desire for holistic healing through natural pathways that include God and the Holy Spirit. If you haven’t yet read my book, Theosynthesis® ~ LIV2DAY, I have several chapters that discuss the healing properties of vibrational frequency, sound, all-natural God-grown products, and prayer. Through a lifetime of research, experience, and faith, I believe with all of my heart that God provides all that we need for complete wellness right here on earth. Don’t buy it ~ no problem and just stop reading right here.

However, if you have an open mind and heart, you might find this information to be fascinating and life-changing. A few days ago I began feeling body aches from head to toe. By the time I awoke the next morning, I was full-blown sick. I am one who rarely gets sick too. When I do, I listen to my body and seek remedies that are healing and not harmful.

My favorite is what I call a “Healing Bath”. There are many references to healing waters in the Bible. And as a nerd Science major, I understand the physical properties of water and how unique a substance that makes up water. The fact that is can come in three different forms (solid, steam, and liquid), yet maintain the exact molecular makeup is pretty cool. Additionally, water has the unique property of being polar which means the molecules attract one another thus pulling them together. The significance of the polarity of water is quite fascinating.

So, back to the Healing Bath. Over the years I have studied various natural elements and plants to find what substances are healing in a hot bath. My recipe below can be altered, added to, or changed depending on what you have on hand. The most important aspect is to set your intention by praying over your bath as you lower your body into the water. Is your intention for healing, relaxation, stress, etc?

Here is the full recipie with links if you choose to explore some of the resources:

Set your intention

1 cup of Dead Sea Salts + 1 cup Epsom Salts

Several drops of good essential oils(Eucalyptus, Thieves, Helichrysum, Rosemary to name a few)

Have the water as hot as you can tolerate & remain in the bath as long as possible.

Submerge completely if you are able, the salts will clean out your sinuses.

Pray over the water claiming healing via the Holy Spirit, blessings to every cell in your body, and for the water to draw out the toxins and replacing the toxins with love, vitality, and complete health.

Outside of the bath, I use a drop of Thieves Oil to the back of the tongue, 1 spoonful of C. Silver from All Saints Solutions, and I use my Healy.

Best wishes as you heal and fully LIV2DAY!