Lately, I have been hearing more comments being made referring to “living in fear”. As I have pondered on this statement, it hit me that this saying makes zero sense. Being in fear is not any way to live! In fact, if you are in constant fear, you are actually existing in fear as your quality of life will be compromised.

In my book, LIV2DAY, I discuss the many facets of living abundantly in body, spirit, and mind. Life has become extremely stressful, jammed, overloaded, and frenzied. If we don’t get a handle on finding a balance in all areas of our lives, eventually something has to give. That something is typically our health.

To add to our stressful lives, the wonderful C-19 entered the picture this year. Along with legitimate concerns, this event has impacted our lives on a grand scale. At the beginning, our lives were completely shut down and we were cut-off from one another. Then, with new protocols dictating how we live, life certainly looks different.

Not only are we living differently, but many are also existing in fear. A state of fear is not living. Now, of course, our lives are extremely challenging right now however, the Bible tells us over and over to “fear not”! In fact, there are hundreds of “fear not” references in Scripture. God is very clear that He is in control and we are to put our faith in Him. This includes being fearful.

Fear is a normal human emotion. The problem is when we get stuck in fear. As believers, we must give our fleshly fears over to Almighty God. We must recognize that the spirit of fear can rob us of truly living fully.

The next time you hear someone saying they are living in fear, perhaps you can gently remind them they are not living but rather existing in fear. Don’t allow yourself or those you love to miss the precious gift of living. Living fully and abundantly means trusting our Lord who desires for us to do so. John 10:10, “I have come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly.”

Merry Christmas and remember to fully LIV2DAY!